Zero Bias

Candidly objectively matches Employers to Software Developers based solely on their programming skills, ensuring that there is zero bias in the screening process.

Our Story

Our founder, James, went straight from high school into the corporate world. He enjoyed a successful 16- year career working across Africa, building technology teams but was disqualified immediately when applying for new positions due to only having a high school diploma.

Frustrated, James earned his MBA and adding those three letters to his resume opened doors that had been previously closed. Yet his hard skills hadn’t changed.

James’ experience made him realize that the screening process is broken, and that capable technology skills were being discounted based on biases such as not having the “right” qualifications or work experience.

This realization was the catalyst for Candidly, and is why we do things differently.

What is Zero-Bias Screening

Whether through the use of artificial intelligence or human intervention, the screening of technology candidates will always be open to bias when based on subjective data, such as education or years of experience, to determine someone’s ability to do the job.

This is why Candidly applies only objective data, matching Software Developers with employers based solely on their actual programming skills. Our anonymous skills profiles prevent conscious and unconscious bias from influencing the screening process, ensuring capable candidates are not overlooked or disqualified unnecessarily.

Zero-bias screening has been proven to increase the number of diverse candidates who apply for roles, make it through to interview, and ultimately get hired.

What is a Zero-Bias Screening partner?

Candidly Zero-Bias Screening partners are companies that have committed to promote fair screening practices across their hiring channels.

Software Development roles listed on their career page that can be applied for with a Candidly skills profile will be identified with a “Candidly Zero-Bias Screening Partner” badge, with the commitment that they will only review a developer’s resume after considering their skills profile.