Our zero-bias approach to screening accurately matches you to Software Developers with pre-verified programming skills


Search programming skills

Simply enter your technology stack and get instantly matched to developers with the skills you need.

Review verified candidates

Accurately determine the capabilities of developers who have verified their programming skills through our custom-built challenges.

Invite them to apply

Instantly invite suitable candidates to apply for your position through customized invitations.

Receive their resume

On acceptance of your invitation, you will be provided with the candidate’s resume and contact details.


Candidly offers an alternative approach to screening, rightfully elevating the importance of skills over resumes

Improve accuracy

Only consider what matters most when filling developer roles, actual programming skills

Screen candidates objectively

Increase diversity

Anonymous skills profiles remove unconscious bias, unlocking a diverse talent pipeline

Reduce screening time

Save time

Work with less applications of a higher quality, and reduce the workload on your recruiting team

Broaden your talent pool

Our objective approach ensures that no candidate with the skills to do the job is overlooked