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The hiring process is not fair. All of us at CANDIDLY have personally had this realization at some point in our careers.

The problem is that no one has really done anything about it. Recruitment companies continue to prioritize quantity over quality, leading to a greater reliance on screening tools to deal with this volume, and inadvertently increasing bias in the process.

We decided that there must be a better way to provide anyone who genuinely has the skills to do a job with an equal opportunity at getting that job, regardless of their background, experience, education, disability, race, age or gender.

Candidly. Come as you are.

Software Developer

Candidly is a candidate-first platform designed to create equal job opportunities for anyone with the software skills to the job

No applications required

Build a single resume that reflects your programming skills, which Candidly will make visible to every employer searching for your skills

Validated skills

Take bite-sized mobile challenges designed to analyze your knowledge and experience of programming skills

Equal opportunity for jobs

Candidly skills resumes are anonymous, employers only see your software skills when screening for candidates

Choose your opportunity

You choose the job opportunities and employers you wish to engage with

Create new opportunities

Receive detailed skills analysis reports that assist in developing your skills, opening you up to more opportunity

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Employers have a simple and effective way to screen for any candidate who has the skills to do the job

View the entire talent pool

Candidly does not disqualify anyone that has the programming skills you need, but ranks them by the confidence we have in their skills

Instantly connect

Immediately reach out to any candidate that has the programming skills you need, but only connect with those that are interested in your opportunity

No job description required

Search our database for only those candidates that have the verified programming skills you need, before they even apply

No placement fee

Candidly is focused on creating job opportunities for everyone, and charges no placement fee for any candidate

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